Jul, 2021

Prizes of the Mathematical Council of the Americas

The Mathematical Council of the Americas (MCofA) announces the following prizes: the MCA Prize, the Americas Prize and the Solomon Lefschetz Medal, awarded on the occasion of the 3rd Mathematical Congress of the Americas (Buenos Aires, July 9‐23, 2021).
Jun, 2021

MCA Awards Ceremony

The MCA Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday July 9th, 18 h (UTC-3). Five MCA prizes, two Solomon Lefschetz medals and one Americas prize will be awarded. Follow the award ceremony on our Youtube channel.
Jun, 2021

Follow us on social media

Now you can follow us on social media to keep updated with all the good news. Facebook: Instagram: @mca2021ba Youtube: MCA 2021 Twitter: Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2021 (@MathematicalOf)
Abr, 2021

Financial support by the American Mathematical Society

The American Mathematical Society supports travel grants for US-based mathematicians and registration waivers for participants affiliated with Latin American institutions.
Abr, 2021

Call for posters

The MCA 2021 conference invites researchers to submit poster presentations to any session. Poster presentations are intended to enhance informal interactions with conference participants, at the same time allowing for in-depth discussion. If you are willing to present a poster in any of the MCA 2021 sessions, please contact the…
Abr, 2021

The MCA2021 registration is now open!

We are happy to announce that the registration for MCA 2021 conference is now open. Please register through the Registration page. All the details regarding the fees and payments are available on that same page.
Oct, 2020

Fully online event

Due to current uncertainty about the possibility of traveling next year, and in order to make planning ahead possible, the Steering Committee has decided to make MCA 2021 a fully online event.
Sep, 2020

Confirmed sessions

We have received wonderful proposals in a broad range of topics. Check all the 41 confirmed sessions!
Jun, 2020

Deadline for proposals: July 31st, 2020

Proposals of special sessions at MCA 2021 are welcomed by the Special Sessions Committee. The deadline for submission of proposals is July 31st, 2020.
Jun, 2020

Travel Grant Program for U.S.-based mathematicians

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) has received an award from National Science Foundation (NSF) to support a travel-grant program for US-based mathematicians to participate in MCA 2021 in Buenos Aires.
Mar, 2020

Prizes of the Mathematical Council of the Americas Call for Nominations

The Mathematical Council of the Americas (MCofA) welcomes nominations for the following prizes, which will be awarded on the occasion of the 3rd Mathematical Congress of the Americas (July 19‐23, 2021).
Feb, 2020

Information on special sessions

The first special sessions are now confirmed. Check them out.
Feb, 2019

MCA 2021 call for special sessions

Proposals of special sessions at MCA 2021 are welcomed by the Special Sessions Committee. Early submission of proposals is encouraged: good proposals will be approved on a regular basis before the deadline, so that session speakers may be invited in plenty of time to make travel and funding arrangements.
Jul, 2017

MCA2021 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Mathematical Council of the Americas has approved the proposal by the University of Buenos Aires and designated Buenos Aires, Argentina as the city for the 3rd Mathematical Congress of the Americas. Thank you all for the confidence in us, we will do our best to have a great conference,…
Jul, 2017

MCA2017 was a huge success!

MCA2017 has just finished and it was a huge success! Congratulations to the organizers and all the people that participated. It has been a conference that we will never forget!